The Sound



It still has the same distinct McElroy voice, rich and balanced, strong bass response, fat trebles and a strong mid-range filling out the overall sound, though the Neoteric has a stronger fundamental. The bass response is strong and clear but it does not overwhelm the trebles. Like other McElroy guitars the trebles continue to ring like a bell even up past the 14th fret.  Because the entire soundboard is active the separation is clear and distinct and the sustain is very strong.  Additionally the Neoteric also has incredible volume and projection even with light gauge strings.

It has very strong presence. The sensation for the player is even more enhanced than in the McElroy Generation2 guitars.  The player hears what the audience hears, only more because the guitar feels alive in your hands & in your ears.  Itís an immediate connection between player and guitar.  It is a joy to play.

Shortly after completing the prototype I took it around to let folks try it and received strong positive reactions.  One musician who tried the prototype even had dreams about it after playing it.  Some have suggested that it was built for acoustic jazz, but finger stylists like it just as much.  Musicians canít seem to put it down.  

Will your response be the same? 




McElroy Generation2 & The Neoteric

In 2002 I was asked by a client to make  a classical guitar with lattice bracing.  It was an intriguing request. After research I completed the guitar and was blown away by the results.  The tone and projection were incredible.

Since then I have been fascinated by the idea of making a steel string with lattice bracing, but my build schedule kept getting in the way of actually building it.   In a way, I am glad it did because the dream stayed with me thru the years, getting stronger with each passing year.  My approach to guitar building remains the same; balance between tone, strength, playability and beauty. Lattice bracing for a steel string must be strong.   I continued my research, working thru all the design opportunities and challenges to meet my goals.  Finally my vision was so strong that I decided that I could wait no longer, I just had to make it.  The result was the Generation2 McElroy guitars with lattice bracing replacing the traditional X bracing pattern in my Standard, 000 & 00 models, as well as an introducing The Neoteric. 

 The Neoteric

This is a totally new design.  I was intrigued by the idea of maximizing the sound board in conjunction with the lattice bracing; this required an entirely new design.  It presented some interesting challenges; I systematically continued to refine the design using my knowledge of acoustic properties and strength requirements of steel string acoustic guitars. Once I had these addressed I added a fully adjustable neck, a cantilevered fingerboard & offset sound hole to allow the entire soundboard to resonate. I knew it should sound good, but the results surpassed my expectations.  It deserved its own name, so the McElroy Neoteric was born.


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